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The Medical Emergency Kit is like a medical version of a fire extinguisher. It's designed to treat Life Threatening Emergencies which could become fatal prior to the arrival of EMS in 5 to 15 minutes.

This is an excellent kit to be used in the home, vehicle, boat, small aircraft or workplace.

The Medical Emergency Kit can be mounted throughout your facility, near fire extinguishers or AED's using the optional Industrial Strength Velcro Mounting Tape or placed in the trunk of a vehicle. The tough plastic Pelican case is watertight and will protect the contents for years. The expiration date of the contents is clearly shown on the front of the kit and complete instructions for inspecting and replacing the contents are inside.

It's not a first aid kit and is not intended to treat minor injuries.

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The watertight Pelican case is 9.37" x 5.56" x 2.62"

The Medical Emergency Kit will treat the four circumstances that can become fatal prior to arrival of EMS and which are treatable by someone with less than Paramedic level training and equipment.

These are:

1. CPR
2. Rescue Breathing
3. Diabetic Emergency
4. Severe Blood Loss

It is recommended that persons using this kit be trained in Basic or Advanced First Aid and CPR and the use of Quikclot products.

The manufacturer of QuikClot offers online and live training for their products. Education is offered for military, EMS/First Responders, and Law Enforcement.

For training information, visit the Quikclot web site here.

Replacement products are available to restock this Kit. Replacement products are also useful for training purposes, allowing users to train with the actual medical supplies without having to open the supplies in the Kit itself.


Personal Safety

  • 2 pairs Nitrile Exam Gloves

    CPR/Rescue Breathing

  • 1 CPR Microshield®
  • CPR Guideline Card

    Diabetic Emergency

  • 1 Insta-Glucose, 31g

    Severe Blood Loss

  • 2 Quikclot EMS Rolled Gauze, 3 inch x 48 inches
  • 1 - 5x9 Gauze Dressing
  • 1 Elastic Bandage, 2 inch
  • 1 pair Trauma Shears  
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    Quikclot EMS Rolled Gauze - $34.95
    Quikclot Combat Gauze LE - $56.95




    Add to
    F110BMedical Emergency Kit$143.95
    B111AVelcro Mounting Tape for F110B/F112B$4.95
      Replacement Products      
    A01312 pairs Nitrile Exam Gloves$.95
    A0130CPR Microshield$6.95
    A0165Insta-Glucose 31g tube$7.95
    A0222Quikclot EMS Rolled Gauze$34.95
    A01545 x 9 Gauze Dressing$.95
    A0145Elastic Bandage, 2 inch$.95
    A0125Trauma Shears, 7-1/2 inch$3.95
    A0191CPR Guideline Card$.95
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