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Practical Trauma was founded in November 1996 in Peoria, Illinois by Michael Lynne, an Emergency Medical Technician. We've been on the web since March 1997 and have been located in Seattle, Washington since August 1997.

We have been growing rapidly since and serve customers worldwide. Our customers include private individuals, Paramedics, EMT's, Firefighters and Police Officers. Other customers include City, State and Federal Government Agencies such as Police and Sheriff's Departments and Volunteer Fire Departments as well as Universities, Laboratories, large Corporations and small Businesses. We supply Trauma Kits to the United Nations and Police K9 Trauma Kits to various US Military K9 units throughout the world.

Whenever I've needed a first aid or trauma kit for myself, family or friends I've been very disappointed with what's available in stores and catalogs. My solution has been to build my own kits using the same supplies I've used as an EMT while responding to 911 calls in Orange County, California and Seattle, Washington and which are superior to those found in most available kits.

Each kit contains the supplies you'll need to treat minor injuries, do CPR and help victims of major trauma until EMS personnel arrive. We use the highest quality products and don't include a lot of the useless stuff other kits contain. Other kits cost 2 to 3 times as much as a comparable Practical Trauma kit. The lower cost kits that are available from other manufacturers have very few useful items.

There's extra room in each kit for supplies which are specific to your situation. If you or your kids are into sports, a few more elastic bandages might be what you need. Neosporin or hydrocortisone if you like can also be added to the kit.

We include enough gauze pads and bandages to treat several injuries without running out, and even a major injury if you need to. A lot of kits out there are pretty much single use, then you have to buy another one. Practical Trauma offers low cost refills for our kits which include the stuff that might be difficult to find or impossible to buy in small quantities.

The soft kits come in high quality Cordura nylon bags.

Low Prices

Find a first aid kit in a store or a catalog and look at the contents. Ask yourself if something serious happened, would the stuff in that kit be of much help to you? Would you feel comfortable relying on that kit to help save a life?

With Practical Trauma you simply get the best, most practical supplies at the lowest possible price!

You have my word on that!
M Lynne
Michael Lynne


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